Wrongful termination with pretext for lgbt and ethnic discrimination

Workplace Discrimination

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DISCLAIMER: The content herein reflects the allegations made in the complaint filed against KG&P Strategies (MVM Inc, KACE Company, The Providencia Group, and evolve24 dba Sherpa LLC), and individuals including Amber Kodish, Rose Sommovigo, Noah Howerton, Scott Forbes, Carmen Campos, and Crystal Wheeler. All items on ALL pages and posts on this website is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The legal proceedings will determine the validity of these claims.

In February 2023, Arian, VP of Data Science at evolve24 (A KG&P Strategies Company), was terminated with pretext for gay and Afghan discrimination. The reason for termination given? For not mentioning Noah Howerton in a company-wide data science team update email when he was no longer on his team and when two heterosexual, American-born white males at the same level did not get disciplined for the same action(s). This was after a complaint of unconscious bias. Total BS, right? A workplace discrimination lawsuit was filed January 8, 2024 in Fairfax County Circuit Courts (remember Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard?) against his former employer and individuals for violating the Virginia Human Rights Act including:

  • KG&P Strategies (Parent Company for MVM Inc, KACE Company, The Providencia Group, evolve24) based in Ashburn, VA
  • Amber Kodish - former evolve24 CEO and KG&P Strategies Executive Vice President, Advisory Council Member at University of Maryland College Park Smith School of Business. Also, now a Board Member | Chair, First Movers Program Committee at Targa AI
  • Rose Sommovigo - former evolve24 Manager, People Services. Currently, Director of Operations at Player Progression Academy
  • Noah Howerton - evolve24 Senior Data Scientist. MORE INFO COMING SOON
  • Philip Scott Forbes - KACE Company Director, Law Enforcement Services
  • Carmen Campos - KG&P Human Resources Operations Manager
  • Crystal Wheeler - KG&P Chief People Officer and Life and Executive Coach at Loudoun Counseling and Coaching in Sterling, VA (more info here)

Full story, progression of the current workplace discrimination lawsuit, and more information is below!!!!

This lawsuit is ongoing and it will be discussed on this page and a blog, as well as be a topic of discussion on a new podcast for the brand called The OSMARI Project. Arian intends to share all details, files and documents, evidence, etc with his lawyers' approval. As a man of extreme honesty and integrity, Arian has nothing to hide, and he hopes this will prevent his former employer to continue to perform acts of discrimination based on unconscious biases. However, this seems unlikely because of the pattern of discriminatory behavior KG&P Strategies (MVM Inc., KACE Company, The Providencia Group, evolve24) have had in the past.