Our Story

Osmari is a luxe men’s activewear and swimwear brand inspired by the elegant-athletic male silhouette—the curvilinear build that defines the distinct and naturally wrought masculine shape. By complementing that inspiration with a variety of mathematical and visualization techniques on images of the male form and applying it to clothing, Osmari came to be: garments that treat art and math to the male form.

Data science and computational mathematics meet to produce fashionable activewear that’s vibrant and expressive and accentuates shape and support just as much as athletic-masculine sex appeal. Osmari generates designs that allow a more attractive and more appreciative appeal to physical features rarely found in men’s apparel.

Osmari is for the man who likes to make a statement and can’t help but show off his figure—luxurious but not lavish, clothing should take as much care as the wearer does in sculpting his own form.

The fabrics used are top quality. The Osmari brand appeals fashionably and functionally—and plays well at workouts, festivals, beach, house lounging, or java sipping on the deck in great weather—and makes good company. Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury. 

All tops and bottoms are made in the USA. If you’d like to get in touch email us at heyyou@osmari.com.