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Welcome to The OSMARI Project, the ultimate dive into the world of men's swimwear, activewear, and everything in between! Join us on our exhilarating journey through waves of laughter, sweat, and style as we have unfiltered chats with male athletes, models, and influencers about all things manly – from perfecting that beach bod to mastering the art of brunch fashion.

Strap on your headphones or fire up the screen because The OSMARI Project is your passport to the coolest unfiltered conversations on health, fitness, diet, lifestyle, and fashion. But wait, there's more! Get ready for some controversial cannonballs into the pool of discussion as we tackle real-life issues, including a sexual orientation and national origin workplace discrimination lawsuit against KG&P Strategies (MVM Inc., KACE Company, The Providencia Group, evolve24 dba Sherpa LLC) currently making waves.

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Get inspired, get informed, and get ready to make a splash with The OSMARI Project! 🌊💪🎧