His story

The Founder

A little about Arian

The birth of Osmari in 2018 came from founder Arian’s hard science and classic art approach to fashion that accentuates the athletic male physique with high-math modeling.

Arian was born in Glasgow, Scotland to Afghan refugees and moved to the DC Metro area when he was a wee baby. Always something of a restless and eclectic polymath (he grew up pursuing advanced mathematics while becoming an accomplished violinist in his youth)—half-artist and half-mathbrained—he couldn’t help but correlate the mathematics behind signal processing to his musical studies, and later, he couldn’t help but apply advanced data modeling techniques to clothing design. While pursuing a PhD, his work led him to the development of mathematical formulas that found application for the male form. Where sometimes a thing is more art than science, for Osmari, the art is science.

With Osmari, Arian leverages a background in data science and visual modeling to design and fit clothing in revolutionary ways that result in comfort and function, luxury for the hard body. Osmari is the culmination of careful science, data-based insight, and an artistic eye for the great look that catches looks.

Sharing these creations with the world is a gift back to the forms, fine egos, and lifestyles that inspire it. Y'all will notice he has a unique way with words.